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Artisan Supported Systems:
  • AN/ALR-69 Radar Warning Receiver
  • AN/AAR-44 Missile Approach Warning System
  • AN/ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System
  • OK542/BQ Towed Array System
  • AN/BSY-1 Integrated ASW Combat System
  • AN/BSY-2 Integrated ASW Combat System
  • CEC Cooperative Engagement Capabilities
  • AN/UYS-1 Advance Signal Processor
  • OH-58D Kiowa, Control Display System MCPU
  • AN/UYK-43 Standard 32-bit Computer
  • AN/UYK-44 Standard 16-bit Computer
  • AN/SPS-48 Air Surveillance Radar
  • AN/SPS-49 Very Long Range Air Surveillance Radar
  • AN/SLQ-48 Mine Neutralization System
  • AN/SQQ-32 Variable Depth Mine Hunting Sonar
  • AN/FPS-115 PAVE/PAWS Phased-Array Missile Warning Radar
  • Plasma Display
  • TC2/TC2A A7 Corsair – FMS
  • Trident CV-3989/SP Signal Data Converter Group
  • Trident Guidance, Life Extension (LE)
  • Longbow Storage Assessment Testing (SAT)
  • Standard Electronic Module (SEM)

Production Engineering

AN/AAR-44 - Missile Approach Warning System

Control & Display Unit (CDU)

Artisan engineers lead an effort to develop production cycle for the CDU. This effort included converting end user data into production format, complete test capability for digital CCAs, and the SRU, followed by system testing in the next higher assembly at Warner Robins-ALC.

Project concluded with 19 units sent into AF supply system below OEM replacement costs and ahead of original production schedule estimate.


TPS Development

AN/ALQ-161A – Defensive Avionics System

7 Unique SRUs

Artisan engineers developed a cost effective method to establish depot level test capability for 7 SRUs used in the same weapons system. This approach included using government owned ATE, developing ITAs to accept multiple SRUs, and writing the TPS to be able to test multiple SRUs and SRU revisions.

Project concluded with depot level test capably, test and repair of multiple assets, and a detailed technical data package for all 7 SRUs, all with a substantial cost savings to our customer


Lifecycle Engineering

MK86-Gun Fire Control System

Plasma Display Unit

Artisan engineers developed replacement flex CCAs to interface with a plasma glass panel in order to avoid decommissioning 40 Plasma Display Units due to insufficient supply of the original glass panels. The flex CCAs were installed into a prototype unit, passed testing, and gained approval for future repair actions. Artisan helped to develop an Engineering Change Order (ECO) to capture the difference between displays and is currently working the ECOs into repair activities.

Project is ongoing to provide the Navy with 40 additional Plasma Display Units that would have been lost to obsolescence, providing several more years worth of support to that weapons system.


3d and Graphics Development

We provide visual and motion graphics solutions

  • 3D Animation and Modeling
  • Flash Development
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design


Training Solutions

  • IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual)
  • CBT (Computer Based Training)
  • Instructor Lead
    • Operations
    • Maintenance


3d to 2d File Conversion

  • Disassembly of existing 3d models
  • .stp to .dxf conversion
  • Dimension and format drawing iaw AMSE Y14