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Why Artisan?

Artisan Electronics, Inc. provides a high level of service, quality centered products, and the technical solutions needed to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our customers. We are the best small business for the job, period.


Who is Artisan Electronics?

Artisan Electronics, Inc. is a premier small business located in south-central Indiana. Established in 1996, Artisan has provided continuous support for DoD customers. Artisan Electronics strives to be the small business of choice for all of our Government and Industry partners.

Artisan specializes in engineering and technical services for all areas involved with Test Engineering from Test Program design to Test Program Life-cycle support, and the use and operation of test programs to diagnose and repair electronic assemblies, modules and components. Artisan also has a successful history of providing reverse engineering services and rapid proto-type fabrication and test of electronic assemblies. In addition, Artisan has technical personnel to perform physical repair of electronic assemblies. Artisan Electronics, Inc. currently has several senior level test engineers with over 30 years of experience in the Automatic Test Equipment industry.

Artisan is involved in all aspects of the Electronics Maintenance & Repair (EM&R) operations. Technical and cost proposals, ATE specifications, production scheduling, production performance, development of test requirements, design & development of TPS, test & diagnostic capability and physical repair.

Artisan works closely with the EM&R Activity in the preparation of quotes and provides management and technical support in determining the test and repair requirements for both scheduled and unscheduled repair workload. Artisan matches these requirements with the appropriate resource(s) capable of successfully performing the task.




Artisan Electronics has an ~7,000 square foot facility located within West Gate@Crane Technology Park.

  • Controlled Lab space
  • Shipping/Receiving/Storage Area
  • Conference Room
  • Offices